Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recapping the last two days

My goal here is to not be lazy and actually update the blog regularly. I won't let myself slip into bad habits!

We're now halfway through our second week of training and prep. Things are starting to get a bit more specific, as we've largely moved on from the talk about philosophy and more into how said philosophy is applied once we get to work. On Monday, CY brought in an external trainer to discuss how to deal with problem behavior. Her session was a big hit, as she worked to actively engage us, and had us do some group activities that turned out to be real helpful. We broke down problem behaviors into several categories, and discussed different ways we might handle various situations.

Tuesday also meant goodbye to the original teams that we had gotten to know so well. I was shuffled into a new team, half of whose members were teammates last week. Odd system. Still, the team seems to be working well so far. Every day, I get more and more curious what our final teams are going to look like.

Today featured two highlights: an 8 AM appointment in Brooklyn to get fingerprinted, and the first in-depth exploration of what in-school programs looks like. The fingerprinting was uneventful, although we're told that yesterday's session was chaos. The main session featured a breakdown of CY's Whole School, Whole Child theory (abbreviated WSWC, pronounced "wiz-wik"). Our goal is to be a constant presence during and after the school day, helping to contribute to the development of the child in and out of school, and making sure they're on the track to staying in school. We ran through an number of activities that had been used in the past, categorizing them all based on whether they were meant for an individual or a group, and whether they were meant for everyone or just children who had begun to show signs of trouble.

That's the short version of a two-hour session, and I honestly don't have the energy to type up all the details. Still, I hope readers are getting an idea of what training is like. Leave a comment if you're reading, and thanks for checking in.

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  1. So what's the skinny on the teammates or are they locked down in deep cyber security? Are team members required to be Yankee fans? Are Boston types allowed? What are the survival techniques for dealng with unruly children? Every parent in the world wants to know! how much will you need your Spanish skills? What are you learning about cultural norms for the neighborhood? how does your work neighborhood compare to your neighborhood in Washington Heights?