Thursday, September 3, 2009

Men of the west

Most of today's training was mundane stuff about timecards and payroll, but there was one pretty interesting part. The first activity of the day had us taking a short quiz about our work styles and categorizing ourselves as a north, south, east, or west type worker. The quick version of these is:

North: Natural leaders, assertive types
East: Idea/big picture people
West: Planners, detail-oriented
South: Feelers, emphasize relationships with others

Turns out I hail from the wild west. Apparently I'm not really the creative type, but I'm good at organizing, planning, and implementing. Our cheat sheet says I can appear cold and insensitive when it comes to others' work styles, which I hope isn't the case.

We did a few short activities based on these types. I was grouped with the other Wests, and all of us were tasked with planning a dream vacation. We were the only group to use democracy to choose where we would go/what we would do, while the group full of Norths apparently gave up on order and just came up with a round-the-world cruise stopping at every country possible. We then had to work with a sampling from the other groups to try and plan a short presentation on what CY is all about. Fun and revealing. Looks like I have a bit of North in me, as I tend to take charge of a group when nobody feels like talking.

Our first Unity Rally (outdoor calisthenics and chanting) is tomorrow morning. Tonight's goal: getting some decent sleep.

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